In a bid to resurrect this comm, here's a post!

Is anyone doing handmade crafts as christmas prezzies, and what are you making?

home made hampers
evening folks!

exactly a month to go... thought that some of you might be interested in this link, from the BBC Good Food website...


Stained Glass Biscuits

I made this last Christmas as part of my buffet and they went down a storm. This year my plan is to make them into gifts to put in my home made stockings!

I apologise that my best close up is of a rather unchristmas heart but it gives a nice visual on how they come out. I did a mix of stars, tress and hearts and circles mixing up the shapes.

You can use any biscuit recipe but I'll put the one I like under the cut as I love ginger biscuits!

Recipe I usedCollapse )

Once cooled the sweet becomes hard but chewy. They were a massive hit with my entire family, and if you wish you could thread the ribbon through the hole and make decorations, but I think they'll look lovely wrapped up as a gift :)

*fingers crossed all my links hold*

I'm planning on making a load of stencil bleached shirts - I've made them before and they come out really well, my favourite so far was made by cutting out rune shapes and spelling out "Futharc This" with them.

Idea shamelessly nicked from http://cre.ations.net/creation/t-shirt-designs-created-with-stencils-and-bleach

Bath salts
I was hoping to give away bottles of homebrew (mead) but it's too early to be certain of tastiness this year. (and I think I'd die if it turned out I gave away something foul!)
So instead I found some very cute 45ml jars and intend to make different scented bath salts, giving people with baths 3 little jars each. I have some nice BPAL scents that would do well as a bath scent. Maybe with a drop of food colouring to make them look interesting, and pretty labels.

Unfortunately epson salts are damn near impossible to find over here, so I haven't decided on what sort of salt mixture to use.

Oh, and tip for anyone needing empty jars, bottles etc - I got mine from my homebrew supply shop for 40 cents per jar. Clean, cheap and you don't need to use 16 jars of jam to get the same jars! :-)

Homemade Irish Cream (Baileys)
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Hello - thanks for setting this up! I suddenly remembered that you could make homemade Baileys and went off round the internets looking for a recipe. This one from Jamie Oliver comes across as reliable but I was wondering if anyone else had a favourite version?


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